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Welcome to Loot'n Run!

There was upon a time, sorcery was prohibited. Nontheless, some erudites tried to read old books with dark power. This game could seem another GrimDark game about sorcery, but far than that, this game is about an adventurer!

  • Your mission: gather as much potions as you can while the enchanted creature cheases you through the darkness. 

The loot is endless but needed. Get the all and run, light up as many lights as you can and find the best path to succeed in your mission!

This is a 2-day QuickProtogame ready to be played in PC.  All feedback is well received! 

This can be the beginning of a real game, and feedback is the best way to get the answer. I hope you like the game and enjoy the experience!


Loot'n Run 390 MB

Install instructions

This is a portable project. Download the content, unzip, and play Loot'nRun.exe!

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